Installing Mayavi with Python 3

After a few hours I finally managed to install Mayavi in a virtual conda environment, so now I’m able to use it with Jupyter.

Installing Mayavi on a Python 2 environment only takes a simple

pip install mayavi

But unfortunately this is still not supported in Python 3, so we have to figure out a workaround.

This post is really geeky, we are going to compile some code from a terminal and install a few dependencies. If you follow it step by step it should work, but it’s better if you understand what you are doing.

Shout out to the Vegan and Depressed guy whose blog post was the main source for this how-to.


Beamer Theme Cuerna

LaTeX Beamer is a package designed to make it easier to create slides with a lot of mathematical formulas. It can be customized using themes and color themes, many of these are shipped with the default LaTeX distribution and can be combined. The main problem is that they look more or less the same.

The beamer theme Cuerna is a customized theme created by me to diversify the options when it comes to making a beamer presentation visually pleasing. It looks like this:


The simplest way to use it is from a template on an online editor like ShareLaTeX or Overleaf. You can also browse the source code on Github or download it with your LaTeX distribution package manager from CTAN.


Hola Mundo

Probando como funciona, parece que correctamente. Me gusta.