Geri Ochoa


I am a Mathematician that writes some code in his spare time and writes technical documentation for living.

I am the creator of the LaTeX tutorials at ShareLaTeX. I have also worked writing Python and R documentation for data science people. I worked for some time at Continuum Analytics, and I currently write documentation for Wizeline.

Some of my personal projects can be found at GitLab:

I am also on Twitter

Soy un Matemático que escribe un poco de código en sus ratos libres y crea documentación técnica para vivir. Escribir documentación en es un proceso muy divertido.

Soy el autor de los tutoriales sobre LaTeX en ShareLaTeX (en inglés). También he trabajado en algunos otros proyectos escribiendo documentación sobre Python y R para gente que hace ciencia de datos. Trabajé por un tiempo en Continuum Analytics, y actualmente escribo documentación para Wizeline.

Algunos de mis proyectos personales se pueden encontrar en mi cuenta en GitLab.

También estoy en Twitter

My professional skill set

I have 4+ years of professional experience as a Technical Writer.

  • Markup languages:

    • Wiki. I wrote the entire ShareLaTeX documentation using this tool.

    • LaTeX. I wrote documentation about LaTeX and also provided support for the customers. I can typeset documents at expert level.

    • Markdown. It is a must-have in the Technical Writing industry, easy to learn.

    • Restructured Text. I worked writing Python docs. RST is the standard tool for that type of documentation.

    • HTML/CSS. Required when Markdown falls short or the document has special features.

  • Documentation Skills:

    • Mastery writing standard technical documents: User guides, developer guides, concepts guides, etc.

    • Experience documenting SDKs and APIs.

    • Knowledge writing RESTful APIs. Familiarity with Swagger and the OpenAPI specification.

    • Experience writing condenced technical documents: Slides, handouts, cheat sheets.

  • Other skills:

    • Advanced Linux user. I am familiar with the file system, the processes, distributions, and I am very comfortable working on a terminal.

    • Programming. Without being a professional developer I have different levels of experience writing code in Python, Javascript, Java, Shell scripting, C++, Ruby and Golang.